Glamour Model Portfolio

What it takes to become a glamour model in the UK
A model's portfolio is what makes the first impression on any modeling agent, manager or prospective employer. You will your photos to catch people's attention and hold it. No matter how good your looks, if your portfolio doesn't reflect beauty and professionalism, you can bet they won't give it a second glance. Make sure your beauty and talent don't go unnoticed.

Instructions for a fantastic glamour model portfolio

1. Select the right wardrobe. You will need to have a wide range of looks,this will include your clothes and accessories.  You will want your portfolio to convey different characters, so potential clients can see your range of looks.

2. Hire a professional makeup stylist. You won’t need to hire a makeup artist if you can apply natural and glamour makeup yourself, but it is always better to let a professional who can do many different styles. Surf the Internet for local makeup artists and review their portfolios or if you have signed up with ‘How to Become a Glamour Model’, you will have access to our professionals.

3.  Shoot the photos for your portfolio. Shooting your glamour model portfolio can take as little as a day or up to a week.  The time it will take will depend on your schedule and your choice of locations for the shoot. A number photographers prefer to shoot only in a studio many photographers will do a lot of outdoor shooting taking advantage natural light, if the weather permits. You should change your outfit to suit the location.Your makeup stylist should be ready to re-touch or change your makeup as an when needed.

    • 4. Complete your Glamour Model portfolio. Once the shoot is finished, the photographer will give you sheet of thumbnails of your photographs, so you will be able to select the right photos for your portfolio. Around ten to 12 photographs is a ideal number to keep for portfolio. Select the photos that grab attention and discard the not so good ones.  Once you have received your photos, assemble the portfolio by putting the best pictures on right and less impressive photos on the left. Ensure the photographer gives you get digital copies of the photos to use on your online portfolio.

glamour model portfolio pictures